Crowbar Cycles
Custom Steel Bicycles
Handmade in Belgium

Hi, I'm Steven. I ride bikes. And I build bikes. From scratch. Out of steel. Using fire! They're the right size, and the right shape. They come in many colours. If you ride bikes, and have a favourite colour, I'd love to build one for you too. My workshop is located in Ronse, Belgium, surrounded by the bergs and cobbles of the Flemish Ardennes.


Are you into road racing? Gravel? Long distances? We'll start off by talking about the type of riding that you would like to do with your new bike. Do you already have a bike? Does it fit you well? Are there things you would like to be different? If you haven't already had a bike fit, we can set up a session with an experienced bike fitter to get your exact measurements. We can even go for a ride together.


Next, your wishes and numbers are translated into a design that can be built. Depending on your riding style and measurements, I'll create a detailed drawing of your new bike. At this point, except for the final colour, everything has to be decided, from the overall geometry of the frame, to where the water bottle mounts should be placed. You can give as much or as little input as you like. I'll be your guide.


I use a selection of steel tubes from Columbus, that are mitred and joined together by fillet-brazing. The fillets are then filed to create nice smooth joints. It's a lot of work, but I really like the way it looks. The bottom bracket shells I use are treaded BSA or T47. For the dropouts I use the Syntace X-12 System, which is easy to use, and, in my opinion, looks great. For the rear brakes, flat caliper mounts are brazed on. At the front, I use the carbon fork offerings from Columbus.


With mass-produced bikes, once you've picked a model, you can often choose between just one or two colours. When I buy a bike, I want to pick my own favourite colour. I also prefer not to have any text on my bike. But that's just me. Anything is possible when it comes to painting a frame. Let me know what you prefer. You can also choose from a wide selection of components to build up your bike after painting, as long as everything is compatible with the frame.

Frameset from €2950

This includes the steel frame, carbon fork, both painted in a single colour.
Fully built-up bikes start at €4950.
A quotation is always made before the purchase.

Frame Specifications

Columbus tubing, Made in Italy — Up to 47mm tire clearance — T47 or BSA threaded bottom bracket shell — Disc brake mounts compatible with 140mm and 160mm rotors — Syntace X-12 System dropouts with hanger and skewer — Choice between internal or external cable routing — Columbus carbon fork


Mass-produced bikes are typically sold without pedals, which makes sense, since there are so many different types available, and a lot of riders might already have a favourite pedal. Shouldn't the same logic apply to saddles, handlebars, bar tape, wheels, tires, etc.? A Crowbar frame can be bought as is, or can be completed with a selection of high-quality components that match your riding style and budget.

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